Wiring Centre EWC-1 Hard-Wired With On-Off Switch

SKU EMT-U9360010

The Emmeti EWC-1, 8 way wiring centre available in 230V and 24V version designed to allow central electrical control of wall hung radiator and underfloor heating systems. Each heating zone can be controlled independently via the 8 channels.


  • Integrated on/off switch to allow safe isolation when carrying out commissioning or repair work on the system

  • Time switch terminals to allow central time control of multiple zones and night set back to thermostats, if required

  • Earth continuity terminal to ensure all electrical components in the system are earthed correctly

  • Pump 230V output terminals with a 2.5 minute time delayed relay which allows the electrothermic heads to open before energising the manifold pump.

  • Volt free boiler terminals allow connection to wide range of heat sources

  • Clearly marked terminals to ensure correct connection of components

  • LED indicators to give visual identification of zone operation as well as pump ‘ON’ and boiler ‘ON’ LED’s

  • Potential to connect up to five electrothermic heads per channel for multi-loop zones

  • Cable clamps included to ensure safe termination into the wiring centre

  • Each channel allows connection of thermostat cable and electrothermic head which makes commissioning and fault finding simple

  • Power ‘ON’ LED


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