N MC2 Wireless 2-Channel Wiring Centre

SKU EMT-02018118

The N MC2 Wireless 2-Channel Wiring Centre is a relay module designed to drive loads (more precisely, electrothermal valves or circulators) via radio in home or office heating/cooling systems.


  • Indication of the quality of radio communication for each channel

  • Global standby and Heating/Cooling changeover inputs

  • Auxiliary output for pump or boiler

  • Regulation with temperature reduction (economy mode)

  • Control of NC and NO actuators

  • Possibility to be connected in chain to a 8 channel relay module using 800mm cable

  • 230V~ power supply with option of powering actuators at a different voltage


230V wiring centre with two independent channels which can be assigned to two different wireless thermostat controls (e.g. the N CTA W, N ETA W or N TA W above) for the activation of electrothermic actuators when used with the N AR W receiving antenna above. The centre also has the facility for night setback (NSB) operation with a N TA W thermostat.


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