TM3-R Thermostatic Mixer Control Group with Grundfos UPM3 Auto Pump

SKU EMT-28132260

The TM3-R is a control group for use with Emmeti’s new Topway Plus stainless-steel manifold in underfloor heating applications. The mixing valve on the TM3-R is adjustable between 20° - 65°C which complies with the requirement of BS 1264-4 2009 for initial warm up temperatures of between 20° - 25°C and a locking pin to set maximum blend temperature.


  • Precision engineered Emmeti materials and market leading high-efficiency Grundfos pump technology

  • Pre-assembled pump and blending unit

  • Inclusive temperature control

  • Built in thermostatic actuator with temperature range between 20°-65°C

  • Integrated flow rate control valve

  • Standard 210mm manifold spacing and 1” BSP connections


The TM3-R is designed for Underfloor Heating. The control group incorporates a Grundfos UPM3 Auto 7m pump and a mixing valve with remote probe actuation to give a temperature range of between 20 - 65DegC, making it suitable for screed drying purposes. It includes a throttle to increase Kv for larger systems. Compatible with our Type 2 Topway Plus manifold 210mm centres. Includes 1” M manifold connections with O-ring seals and 1”M connections for primary flow and return.

Includes a temperature gauge measuring the mixed flow temperature, manual air vent and bracket to support the weight of the pump.

The Grundfos UPM3 Auto 7m pump is ErP 2015 compliant, with 3 control modes and a double de-blocking system.

Mixing Valve Kvs 3 - 4.8, 10kw - 18kw.


Technical Product Guide TM3-R Control Group March 2018

Installation Instructions TM3-R Control Group March 2018