Introducing Arcus Underfloor Heating

Welcome to Arcus Underfloor Heating, your online location for the most comprehensive collection of underfloor heating kits on the web. Not only do we have over 16,000 different underfloor heating kits available online, Arcus Underfloor Heating also offers a bespoke underfloor heating kit design service. So, whatever your project requirements, you can be sure to find what you need right here.

Emmeti Underfloor Heating

In addition to the vast selection of underfloor heating kits available through our website, Arcus Underfloor Heating offers the entire Emmeti underfloor heating catalogue online.

As one of Emmeti's approved "System House" distributors, we almost exclusively supply Emmeti products. Emmeti have a long history of innovation and are proud to have developed a comprehensive range of simple yet technically competent products driven by UK market needs.

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