The Best Quality Underfloor Heating Kits

In terms of comfort in winter, nothing beats underfloor heating. Having evenly distributed heat making your room pitch-perfect temperature-wise can make all the difference. Unlike radiators, they can distribute what’s known as ‘radiant heat’ which is much closer to the ideal temperature achieved by convective heating. 

Arcus Underflooring Heating offers an incredible choice of underfloor heating components, so you can easily introduce this feature to your home.

We’re proud to be an approved distributor for Emmeti, a world-class manufacturer of underfloor heating components, and make buying these types of products as simple as possible.

we have assembled a range of underfloor heating kits (over 16,000 in fact!) comprising the best quality components, which include everything you need for your underfloor heating installation. 

Among our range are underfloor heating kits, which include everything needed to install top branded components to your home or office. Our kits include screed floor systems, suspended floor systems and kits for boilers.

We also have underfloor kits for heat pumps for various heat outputs, maximum floor areas, and system types. It’s our aim to make buying these types of kits straightforward, affordable and easy. 

If you’re searching for underfloor heating kits, don’t forget to explore our range at Arcus Underfloor Heating today. Or simply get in touch with our team for more information.