Underfloor Heating Components For Screed Flooring

Love the idea of having underfloor heating before winter 2020?

Usually applied on top on concrete, screeds are commonly used as a finishing layer on internal floors. They are also used to level flooring after installing final coverings. 

Since screeds are usually only used for internal purposes, they are often covering heating systems, including underfloor heating. Proprietary screeds are some of the best fast drying screed systems used over underfloor heating. 

Do you have screed flooring and are looking for underfloor heating kits?

Arcus Underfloor Heating has underfloor heating kits for both solid screed floor systems and suspended floors. We can help you easily install underfloor heating before next winter rolls around.

We are an approved system house distributor for Emmeti, a world-class manufacturer of underfloor heating components. Our underfloor heating components include those suitable for both boilers and heat pumps.

To make the purchase of underfloor heating as simple as possible, we have assembled over 16,000 underfloor heating kits with the best quality components, including everything you need for your underfloor heating installation. Our team can also provide advice on installing and maintaining systems.

Discover more about our underfloor heating for screed floor systems. Or simply get in touch with our team for more information. We’re always happy to answer any enquiries.