Type 2 Topway Plus Stainless Steel FM Pre-assembled Heating Manifold

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The Topway Plus Type 2 manifold is a pre-assembled stainless-steel manifold for use with underfloor and wall hung radiator systems available with between 2 and 12 ways. Complete with flowmeters, a 6-bar pressure gauge and Tecno-Varia automatic air vent as standard. The 1” pre-assembled Topway manifold is suitable for use with a combined mixing valve and circulating pump set such as the TM3-R Mixing Unit.


  • Flow and return manifold bars pre-assembled onto brackets

  • Manifold bars housed in anti-vibration mountings

  • Pipe connections using Emmeti patented Monoblocco fittings

  • Integrated two stage flow meters for ease of filling

  • Integrated automatic air vent, fill and drain off points as well as pressure gauge as standard


Flow rail has a double regulating red sleeved 0 - 4 l/min flow meter per circuit that allows individual circuit flow regulation and isolation with visual flow indication. Return rail has a blue capped integrated electrothermic body to accomodate an electrothermic actuator per circuit.

Pre-assembled manifold includes 2 x drain off/fill valves, automatic air vents, 6-bar pressure gauge and 2 x blanking plugs. Pre-mounted onto a double offset bracket at 210mm centres.

For pipe, Emmeti Monoblocco connectors and valves please refer to the relevant links on this website. These must be ordered separately.


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