Alpert MLCP MultiLayer Barrier Pipe for Underfloor Heating only (20x2mm)

SKU EMT-28107016
Coil Length

Alpert MultiLayer Composite Pipe (MLCP), due to its excellent strength and flexibility, is commonly used in Underfloor Heating and low temperature Wall Hung Radiator systems. As well as this, the pipe can be moved and adjusted to suit the users specs, whilst also retaining its shape therefore making installation of Underfloor Heating loops very simple. 


  • Five layer composite pipe using PE-RT inner and outer layers with a 0.25mm thich aluminium core
  • Can be formed by hand and maintains its shape
  • Suitable for general use in underfloor and low temperature heating applications, maximum temperature 70C and 10 bar maximum pressure
  • A wide range of complementary accessories


MultiLayer Composite pipe. Made from a 5 layer composite material, using PE-RT as the inner and outer layers coupled with a 0.2mm butt welded aluminium core. Maximum operating pressure 10 bar; maximum operating temperature 70DegC.


Technical Product Guide UFH PERT Barrier Pipe December 2016