Control T - Electrothermic Head with End Switch

SKU EMT-01213252

An Electrothermic Head is a 2 port valve that once the room thermostat has energised it, will open and close the port to the underfloor loop.It is available in both 24V or 230V with an auxiliary switch to be fitted to the return manifold bar. 

Note: The electrothermic heads can be used in conjunction with:

Topway Type 2, FCU-HE and FMU3 Floor Mixing Unit. Supplied with 1m cable. 4-wire. The two additional cores are connected to an auxiliary switch, which allows an external load to be energised on operation of the head.

*NC - Normally Closed. 


  • Tried and tested wax/copper element
  • Available for both 230V and 24V operation
  • Two-wire normally closed and normally open versions
  • Four-wire normally closed version with auxiliary switch
  • Includes pop-up indicator to show actuator status
  • M30 x 1.5 securing ring for connection to manifold


Technical Product Guide Electrothermic Heads Feb 2017

Installation Instructions Electrothermic Heads July 2013