Wiring Centre EWC-2 Hard-Wired

SKU EMT-U9370001

The Emmeti EWC-2 is a more commercially priced wiring centre available in 8 way and 12 way, 230V versions. Designed to allow central electrical control of wall hung radiator and underfloor heating systems. Each heating zone can be controlled independently via the 8 or 12 channels.


  • Time switch terminals to allow central time control of multiple zones and night set back to thermostats, if required

  • Earth continuity terminal to ensure all electrical components in the system are earthed correctly

  • Pump 230V output terminals to allow connection of the manifold pump

  • Volt free boiler terminals allow connection to wide range of heat sources

  • Clearly marked terminals to ensure correct connection of components

  • LED indicator to give visual identification of pump/boiler ‘ON’

  • Potential to connect up to five electrothermic heads per channel for multi-loop zones

  • Cable clamping enclosure ensure safe termination into the wiring centre

  • Each channel allows connection of thermostat cable and electrothermic head which makes commissioning and fault finding simple

  • Power ‘ON’ LED


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