Floor Insulating Panel in a Roll (Not Castellated)

SKU EMT-28134252
Insulation Thickness

Supplied as a 10 metre roll, 1 metre wide. Made of moulded expanded polystyrene (EPS) for thermal insulation, with an upper layer of aluminium / HDPE 0.16mm film and self-adhesive edge. Marked with red pipe guide lines at 50mm intervals

(*)Available on request only: 40 days lead time.

Thickness of Insulation Overall Height Density kg/m³ Pack sqm Price £/sqm
30mm 30mm 25 10 23.38
40mm(*) 40mm 25 10 26.59
50mm(*) 50mm 25 10 30.74



Technical Product Guide Underfloor Heating Accessories April 2014