N AR W Receiving Antenna

SKU EMT-U9132175

This N AR W Receiving Antenna is an active antenna with high sensitivity and selectivity intended for use in radio systems to regulate the temperature in home or industrial environments or offices.


  • Used with the two and eight channel wiring centres and supplied with a 5m cable

  • Can be used as a repeater where the building construction or the size of the building prevents or interferes with wireless transmission

  • One antenna can be used with up to 10 wiring centres using the interconnection cable supplied with the 8 way wiring centres


Wireless receiving antenna. Receives signalling from N TA W, N ETA W and N
CTA W thermostats remotely located. Complete with 5m of cable for connecting
to N MC2 W or N MC8 W wiring centres. One antenna can be used with up to
ten wiring centres interconnected by the cables supplied with the wiring centre.
They can also be used as repeaters to solve problems of difficult wireless
transmission in large buildings. The power supply unit in this section should be
used with the antenna when installed as a repeater.


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