N CTA W Wireless Programmable Thermostat

SKU EMT-02018110

The N CTA W Wireless Programmable Thermostat is a battery-powered digital weekly chronostat for controlling room temperature on three levels: Comfort, Economy or Off/Antifreeze.

Available with remote sensor options.


Battery powered wireless electronic programmable thermostat with push-button programming, and large backlit LCD screen with programme and temperature/optional current time display. The unit can be programmed to give either 24 hour/7 day operation with up to four programme periods a day. The front flap gives access to battery compartment and two dial operated temperature settings for day / night operation. Other features include anti-frost function, combined air and floor sensor function and holiday mode.


Technical Product Guide Wireless Controls July 2016

Installation Instructions N CTA W Wireless Programmable Thermostat May 2012