N TA W Wireless Thermostat

SKU EMT-02018112

The N TA W Wireless Thermostat is a radio-controlled electronic thermostat to control the temperature in industrial and commercial spaces as well as domestic environments. The thermostat can control heating and cooling systems. The LED on the front warns when the batteries are low.

Available with remote sensor option.


  • Simple dial operation for ease of use

  • Battery operated with battery life in excess of 2.5 years

  • Range limiting using plastic pins at the rear of the dial

  • Night setback operation scheduled using the wiring centres in the range

  • Heating or cooling selectable either at the thermostat or at the wiring centre

  • Can be used with remote sensor for use in bathrooms


Battery powered wireless dial operated electronic thermostat that can operate
to control heating or cooling with a simple internal change. The remotely
located thermostat will signal the N AR W receivers connected to the 2- or
8-channel wiring centres below. Night set back (NSB) facility is available via the
wiring centre.


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